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Seals & Shelters

Thorworld has an extensive range of Seals and Shelters to improve the efficiency of loading Docks by either minimising heat gain or heat Loss in the Warehouse/ Transportation areas depending on whether the environment needs to be kept warm or cold.

The ever-increasing control, which is sought in the area of energy conservation in the workplace or vehicles, is critical to minimise costs. This can be achieved by not only preventing heat loss when storing goods in cold stores but also preventing fluctuation in temperatures in work place areas.

Seals and Shelters provide this facility and the control required will decide the type of Seal to be used. For example if the seals are going into a cold store then they would be either Inflatable Dock Seals or Inflatable Pad Seals, to provide a more efficient Seal to minimise heat loss. If however the Dock Seals are on buildings which are not refrigerated then, usually standard Fixed Dock Shelters or Collapsible Dock Shelters are required.

Additional products made available to work alongside our range of Dock Seals (Including Inflatable Seals and Inflatable Dock Pad Seals) include Dock Shelter Curtains and Dock Shelter Aprons to provide additional protection in certain situations.

We offer a free survey and quotation from one of our dedicated Sales Team to ensure that you choose the most suitable product for your application.