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Hose and Cable Bridge

Hose and Cable Bridge
Hose and Cable BridgeHose and Cable Bridge

Product Details

  • This product can bridge hoses, cables or pipes of up to 120mm diameter.
  • The ramp can either be restrained by the pipes or cables themselves or secured to the ground via fixing points built-in the units.
  • The Bridge is a onepiece structure, which can be placed by the side of another one to make extended bridges if required.
  • Overall height 135mm. Please note: under-clearance on equipment should be considered.
  • Available in 1, 4 and 7 ton total maximum load capacities.
  • Bridges can be manufactured to meet specific requirements if required.
  • Includes handles to ease movement 
Model Details Capacity
TWCH-2436-1 1000 610 915 15
TWCH-2436-4 4000 610 915 22
TWCH-2436-7 7000 610 915 27

Maximum diameter of hose or pipes which can be accommodated:

1 x 120
2 x 100
2 x 70
2 X 50