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Folding Wheelchair Ramps

Folding Wheelchair Ramps
Folding Wheelchair RampsFolding Wheelchair Ramps

Product Details

  • Specifically designed for wheelchair users, a pair of Folding Ramps provides an easy to store and transport, lightweight solution, to allow wheelchair access to buildings, shops, offices and transport.
  • Constructed from lightweight aluminium, each ramp is 150mm wide with 50mm high side curbs.
  • Available in three standard lengths to cover height differences up to 1000mm at an angle of 20 degrees.
  • All ramps are rated at an axle load capacity of 250kg per pair, which covers most applications including electrical and manual wheelchairs.
  • Available as a non-folding length if required, for use in a single location where a fixed ramp is impractical.
  • Both models have carrying handles incorporated
  • Please note: all ramps for wheelchair use are supplied with white strips to aid those who are partially sighted.
Model Details Overall Length
Ramp Type Weight
Height Diff.
Max Poss. mm
Height Diff.
​Max Recomm. mm
DLFR-6 18825 Folding 12 550 225
DLFR-8 2440 Folding 19 800 300
DLFR-10 3050


23 1000 370
DLR-6 1825 Non-Folding 9 550 225
DLR-8 - 2440 Non-Folding 17 800 300