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Fixed Aluminium Ramps

Fixed Aluminium Ramps
Fixed Aluminium RampsFixed Aluminium Ramps

Product Details

  • Our range of aluminium ramps are designed to allow access for people, vehicles and trucks, into vehicles or over obstacles.
  • Many of our ramps are multi-purpose. They can be used for wheelchair access, access on foot, sack trucks, cages, and vehicles.
  • These ramps do not comply to building regulations part K or M please contact if you require further information / clarification.
  • Strong and sturdy ramps, suitable for wheel chairs and trucks, for applications where a fixed height variation exists and the ramp doesn’t need to be variable in height.
  • Manufactured from aluminium with an anti-slip grit coating.
  • Includes fixing lugs, for securing to the ground (fixings not included) and 75mm wide marker lines on each side of ramp.
  • If required, safety side curbs or handrails can be incorporated.
Model Details Size
W x L
Max Recommended
Height Differential
Total Max
Load Kg
TWFR3648 915 x 1220 150 1000 43
TWFR4860 1220 x 1525 190 1000 73
TWFR6072 1525 x 1830 225 1000 114
Heavy duty anti-slip coating 10Kg /m2

Other sizes available on request