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Door Frame Entry Ramp

Door Frame Entry Ramp
Door Frame Entry RampDoor Frame Entry Ramp

Product Details

  • Designed for use inside buildings, where wheelchair users have difficulty accessing or exiting buildings when a doorframe surround exists, particularly an issue with modern PVC patio doorframes.
  • The Door Frame Entry Ramp allows this problem to be overcome when used in conjunction with a Lightweight Access Ramp or a pair of Extendable or Folding ramps.
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium with a handle for ease of movement.
  • Specials can be provided, if required, to suit individual applications.
  • Please note: all ramps for wheelchair use are supplied with white strips to aid those who are partially sighted.
Model Details Size
W x L x H
Axle Cap Kg Height Differential
Max Poss.
Height Differential
Max Recomm.
LDP2824 710 x 600 x 50 300 150 75 6