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Thorworld Industries – supporting logistics through the Covid19 roadmap period

As businesses begin to navigate the roadmap outlined by the Prime Minister to cautiously ease lockdown over coming weeks, warehouse operations nationwide are identifying their most effective routes towards the ‘new normal’; when shops and hospitality businesses open fully once more.

Depending on how future months’ Covid-19 contraction data unfolds, the journey from now until June 21st will likely require room for manoeuvre, however following a year of uncertainty, it’s positive that steps towards recovery now seem more defined, helping those in the logistics industry to plan ahead accordingly.

During lockdown, consumers became increasingly used to making purchases online, creating habits that will doubtlessly continue moving forward, however reports that many working households have accrued increased savings during the pandemic period have forecast a welcome spending revenue for physical shops and services; the impact of which will affect the logistics sector.

With this in mind, it will prove essential to ensure equipment within the loading bay is ready for increased and various use, and is sufficiently serviced to support safe, efficient loading function. Under lockdown, our industry has seen a rising increase in the use of long and medium wheelbase transit vans, however, as shop front businesses restock ready for future custom, articulated lorry transits will be required once more, and many loading bay functions will need to accommodate the two.

Whilst most articulated vehicles – owing to their height and volume capacity - can be best prepared for dispatch using a combination of height-set loading platforms and container ramps, smaller delivery vehicles need loading docks that are set at a lower position.

During lockdown, many of our customers benefited from the installation of Thorworld

Loading  Dock Van Ramps; providing ideal access for smaller, swifter vehicles using the HGV docks they already have in place.

Enabling existing loading docks to undergo an almost instant transformation, the Thorworld

Loading Dock Van Ramps safely accommodate different delivery vehicles and can be enhanced with supporting platforms to make equipment flush to the dock height, or suitable for placement below the dock, so ‘vehicle floors’ can be ‘brought closer’ to the loading dock level.

Ensuring all equipment is serviced and safe for socially distanced operations is also a key preparatory procedure, and a measure that the Thorworld engineering team can effectively put in place.

We remain aware that lockdown circumstances could alter at anytime, and are here to offer our help, continued professional advice and support. To arrange for a free site survey or discuss a loading bay service please contact us today.

Published: 04/03/2021