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Thorworld Backs New Wheel Chock and Vehicle Maintenance Safety Guidelines

New best practice guidance on maintaining safety whilst loading or maintaining commercial vehicles is now available, following a collaboration between several organisations including Thorworld Industries.

Published by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE), the new report provides logistics firms and maintenance staff with simple yet effective advice to prevent vehicle movement or instability when under inspection, maintenance or repair.

Key recommendations in the Wheel Chocks Best Practice Guide include situations in which wheel chocks should be used, best practice in their deployment and how to properly audit relevant safety checks.

The report was the result of a working group which included the IRTE, Logistics UK (formerly the Freight Transport Association) and Thorworld Industries, a manufacturer of loading and unloading equipment, including wheel chocks and other commercial vehicle safety equipment.

“Maximising safety across all logistics works is a constant endeavour, requiring continuous research, collaboration and a mindset of always striving to do better,” said Mark James, Director of Administration, Quality & Safetyat Thorworld. “Working groups and reports such as this play a key role in achieving the greatest possible levels of safety and we are delighted to have been involved with this report.”

The ITRE is a professional body of the Society of Operations Engineers and seeks to promote efficiency, maximise safety and promote best practice across the logistics sector by through editorial content, education services and working with the Department for Transport (DoT).

The Wheel Chocks Best Practice Guide can be found on the Society of Operations Engineers website here: https://www.soe.org.uk/resources/wheel-chocks---best-practice-guide-pdf.html

Published: 19/01/2024