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Make a smooth transition - with Hinged Bridgeplates

If your operation needs a safe and highly effective method to bridge the gap between a vehicle and the loading bay, then consider installing Hinged Bridgeplates.

These clever bits of kit allow for the smooth and secure transition of goods using equipment that acts similarly to a drawbridge. Positioned on a mating hinge rail – which is sold separately – the hinge can be fixed to the edge of the loading dock.  From here, it can be moved to different loading positions by simply sliding the plate along the rail and locking it into position – presenting an extremely versatile and flexible loading solution.  Alternatively, a steel piano hinge can be used which, whilst not allowing movement across the rail, does provide a smoother transition between vehicle and loading bay – depending on which process suits your operation better.

All our Thorworld Hinged Bridgeplates are manufactured from high tensile aluminium alloy plate and are available in capacities ranging from 500kg to 4,000kg. We can provide a plate specific to your requirements and finish it with a built-in anti slip coating for ultimate safety, as well as loop type handles for easy movement. The design will also be inclusive of a foot operated locking clamp to hold the plate securely in an upright position, and a crowned and bevelled plate for smooth operation.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and we’ll help advise you on the right design and capacity for your loading system and preference.

Published: 02/02/2020