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Better enabling ‘cold chain’ practice with materials’ handling solutions for modern times

The importance of keeping Covid-19 vaccines at specified temperatures during storage and transit has made headline news in recent months, as scientists continue the successful development of life-saving inoculations for distribution across the world.

With both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines requiring frozen storage and shipping conditions to maintain their effectiveness, the ‘cold chain’ has become increasingly used terminology that many within the logistics sector are already familiar with.

Used to describe the cold temperature conditions in which certain products need to be kept throughout storage and transit, maintaining a ‘cold chain’ can not only prove vital in ensuring effective medical supply logistics, but offer a system relied upon by food and drink manufacturers and distributors.

Depending on the precise storage requirements of consumable or medical products, Thorworld Industries’ extensive range of seals and shelters can offer an advantage in helping to maintain specific temperature conditions.

The type of seal or shelter recommended would depend on the environment a warehouse needs to create and of course the product being stored. For example, a cold store would require either an Inflatable Dock Seal or an Inflatable Pad Seal.

Both solutions can provide an efficient seal around a loading dock to keep temperatures stable. If, however a non-refrigerated building is being used, a Collapsible Dock Shelter can present the most ideal solution, minimising energy transfer, whilst also reducing weather ingress.

To provide additional protection in certain situations, our Dock Shelter Curtains and Dock Shelter Aprons can work seamlessly alongside the existing range of Thorworld Dock Seals, including the Inflatable Dock Seals and Inflatable Pad Seals.

In times where product temperature control has never been so important, it’s useful to pay mind to the requirements of your operation’s own temperature dependant storage and loading systems, and find out if Thorworld can offer solutions to help.

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Published: 23/02/2021