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Product Details

  • RentARamp® and Ramp Rentals® are trade names of Thorworld Industries through whom we offer various models of our yardramps for hire/rental.
  • Periods of hire range from one month to five years.
  • See the table below for details of the ramps available for hire.
  • For information more detail on the range of ramps available to purchase or rent, click on the "Mobile Yardramps" link on the left menu.
Class Details Capacity (Kg) Ramp Type Purchase Min 4 week 5-12 week 13-25 week 26-51 week 12 month 36 month 60 month
Standard 6,000 10 Yes - - - - - - -
Standard 7,000 10 Yes - - - - - - -
Standard 7,000 11 Yes - - - - - - -
Standard 10,000 8 Yes - - - - - - -
Standard 10,000 9 Yes - - - - - - -
Deluxe 7,000 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deluxe 10,000 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deluxe 10,000 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
12,000 6 Yes - - - - Yes Yes Yes
15,000 6 Yes - - - - - Yes Yes

Additional Rental Benefits:
Replace with New after 3 years: If a ramp is hired from us on a minimum of a 3 year contract, after 3 years you will have the option to replace the existing ramp free of charge with a new ramp. This option is only available if a further 3 years contract time is agreed. 

Purchase of Ramps on Hire:
If a ramp is on rental, and you subsequently decide you would prefer to buy a ramp, a credit against rental payments will be allowed against the purchase price of a brand new ramp, at the following rates:

  1. Credit of 100% against total rental paid if purchased within 3 months.
  2. Credit of 75% against total rental paid if purchased within 3/6 months.
  3. Credit of 50% against total rental paid if purchased within 6/12 months.
  4. Credit of 25% against total rental paid if purchased over 12 months.

Please Note:

  1. Credit is limited to half of the original purchase price.
  2. For the above credits to be valid, we must receive payment before the end of the period of hire in question.
  3. If a ramp is replaced with a new ramp whilst on hire (on a 3 year minimum contract), the rental credit permissible for the subsequent purchase of the new ramp will be calculated only from the date of delivery of the new ramp (as if a new contract has been arranged from this date).

General Conditions of Hire are viewable by clicking here.

Delivery/Availability: Check on a daily basis. We carry a variety of new ramps in stock to cater for your urgent requirements. 

Delivery Costs: Available on request -All ramps delivered by us use a special extended low-loader for easy and safe off-loading on site, eliminating the necessity for a tandem fork truck lift or a crane off lift.