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Stabiliser Plates

Stabiliser Plates
Stabiliser PlatesStabiliser Plates

Product Details

  • Thorworld Stabiliser Plates provide a solid platform for crane and excavator feet plus other equipment. The Stabiliser Plates increase the contact surface area and spread the weight of the load.
  • This product reduces damage to paved areas and landscaping, providing a safer more stable footing, especially in wet ground conditions.
  • Manufactured from lightweight, high tensile, heavy-duty aluminium with anti-slip tread plate and abuilt-in lifting handle for ease of movement.
  • Plates are offered in three standard sizes (detailed below), however we will manufacture other sizes to customers requirements if required. 
Model Details Width
TWSP-1224 300  600 6 POA
TWSP-2424 600 600 13 POA
TWSP-2436 600 915 19 POA

Other sizes available on request.