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Sliding Nylon Dock Bumpers

Sliding Nylon Dock Bumpers
Sliding Nylon Dock BumpersSliding Nylon Dock BumpersSliding Nylon Dock Bumpers

Product Details

Patent No. GB2468733

  • These bumpers are a solid block of nylon sliding within a heavy duty steel backing framework.
  • The sliding nylon is designed such that it can be turned upside down, and back-to front to allow four different orientations, and hence four times the lifespan of a 'traditional' fixed nylon bumper.
  • The smooth front face ensures there is reduced risk of damage to vehicles and the bumpers from any protrusions which normally interfere with fixing holes on standard dock bumpers.
  • The sliding action allows the bumper to move with the vehicle to minimise abrasion damage.
  • The thick rubber packer provides impact absorption to further protect the bumper, building and vehicle.
  • The bumper frame can be fixed with M16 fixings into sound concrete or steelwork, and/or welded to steelwork where possible.
  • If Thorworld TWB-1030-4 bumpers are already fitted on site, the existing fixings can be re-used; reducing the requirement for drilling further holes in the loading dock edge, and significantly reducing installation time.
  • Outer fixing tab to one side only allowing the bumper to be fitted as close to the dock leveler pit as possible.
  • Colour:
    • Steelwork = Black powder coat.
    • Nylon = Yellow
  • Suitable to cover a wide range of vehicle heights, for most standard applications. The bumpers can also be fitted above the loading dock with appropriate support, and can have cut outs to allow full access for equipment to enter the vehicles being loaded or unloaded.
Model Details

W x L x T

W x L x T
TWB-1030-4-N13Y-LH 250x760x50 338x770x105 43 TWB-F3
TWB-1030-4-N13Y-RH 250x760x50 338x770x105 43 TWB-F3


Model Description
TWB-F3 16mm dia. x 130mm long fixing for concrete