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Bumpers, Restraint & Protection Products

Providing protection in the loading bay area is of paramount importance.  Thorworld understands this.  We offer a wide range of products, from dock bumpers to safety barriers, which have been specifically designed to offer protection in the loading dock and other loading and unloading areas - typically extremely hazardous, hard-working places where equipment is exposed to harsh treatment through constant contact with both vehicles and materials handling equipment, such as forklift trucks.

It is vital that protection is provided, not only for equipment but also for buildings and employees.  Here at Thorworld, we have everything you need to make your loading bay safe and secure, from rubber dock bumpers and rubber dock buffers to protect loading bay equipment, to safety barriers and rubber vehicle bumpers to protect your employees and vehicles.

Simple safety solutions, such as our range of Chockit® moulded wheel chocks, rubber chocks, aluminium wheel chocks and steel wheel chocks, are an effective method of preventing the unwanted movement of vehicles during the loading and unloading process.

Taking this safety function to another level, we also recommend the use of vehicle wheel locks, or trailer safety locks, to prevent unwanted pull-aways, vehicle creep or roll-away.

We also manufacture a range of quality vehicle restraints, vehicle alignment curbs, wheel guides and safety bollards, providing additional protection for buildings, personnel and other site equipment.

To protect your employees even further, our flexible safety barriers are invaluable as they can be used to create safe walkways through factories and yard areas.  Simple foam protectors, or foam impact protectors, can also be used to prevent collisions between personnel and buildings or other structures, whilst our speed ramps, sleeping policeman and speed stoppers help to calm traffic around the loading bay area.

Contact us now for a free survey from one of our dedicated sales team who will ensure you choose the right protection products for your loading area and site.