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Dock Bumpers (Rubber)

Dock Bumpers (Rubber)
Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)Dock Bumpers (Rubber)

Product Details

  • Thorworld offers several types of Heavy Duty Dock Bumpers including three types of moulded bumpers and a hollow "D" section bumper. The Bumpers are shown in fig. 1 (default image).
  • If additional thickness is required refer to our Dock Bumper Supports.

Type 2: Rectangular Bumpers

  • Available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit your requirements.
  • Standard units have angled edges for improved appearance.
  • Fixings 16mm diameter; large, 2½” OD washer (TWB-W) are also required for each fixing hole.

Type 3: Rectangular Narrow Width Bumpers

  • This bumper can be used in many situations, but they are particularly suited to mini dock levellers.
  • Available in five lengths.
  • Fitted by 12mm diameter fixings, fixing holes are incorporated.

Type 4: Extruded Rubber D-Section Dock Bumper

Type 14: T Shaped Dock Bumpers

  • These bumpers, provide protection to 554mm lengths, in both horizontal and vertical planes in a 'T' shape.
  • Ideal when a wide range of protection is required.
  • Attached by three 16mm diameter fixings.

If you can't find the bumper you need, please click here to view our "Special" Dock Bumper, designed to be cut and shaped to suit any specialist application.

Model Details W x L x T
Type Weight

No. of fixing holes

TWB-1013-4 254x330x100 2 8 2 TWB-F4
TWB-1018-2 254x457x50 2 7.5 2 TWB-F4
TWB-1018-4 254x457x101 2 14 2 TWB-F4
TWB-1018-6 254x457x150 2 18.5 2 TWB-F5
TWB-1024-6 254x600x150 2 23 3 TWB-F4
TWB-1030-2 254x762x50 2 13 3 TWB-F4
TWB-1030-4 254x762x101 2 22 3 TWB-F4
TWB-1036-4 254x914x100 2 30 4 TWB-F4
TWB-5 115x130x75 2 1.5 1 TWB-F4
TWB-10 115x260x75 3 3 2 TWB-F4
TWB-15 115x390x75 3 5 3 TWB-F4
TWB-20 115x520x75 3 7 4 TWB-F4
TWB-30 115x780x75 3 9 6 TWB-F4
TWB-T 554x554x101 14 23 3 TWB-F4


Model Description
TWB-W 2.5" dia. zinc plated washer
TWB-F4 16mm dia. x 180mm long fixing for concrete
TWB-F5 16mm dia. x 220mm long fixing for concrete