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Dock Bumpers (Nylon)

Dock Bumpers (Nylon)
Dock Bumpers (Nylon)Dock Bumpers (Nylon)Dock Bumpers (Nylon)Dock Bumpers (Nylon)Dock Bumpers (Nylon)Dock Bumpers (Nylon)Dock Bumpers (Nylon)

Product Details

  • Nylon Dock Bumpers are designed to give an extremely hardwearing, long-life bumper, they are also aesthetically pleasing and will protect both the loading dock and vehicle from damage on impact.
  • Manufactured from a modified cast nylon, exhibiting high resistance to wear and abrasion and a greatly enhanced impact strength and toughness.
  • Thorworld now offers four Nylon Dock Bumpers, including one ‘L’ shaped and three rectangular.
  • TWB-1018 and TWB-1030 bumpers are available with a 50mm rubber backing spacer (TWB-10xx-2) to space the bumper further off the dock face, if required, and provide cushioning against vehicle impact.
  • 16mm fixings to be used. TWB-F4 generally recommended for concrete, though TWB-F5 are required if rubber packers are fitted.

Stock clearance offer on the 'L' shaped bumper. Please contact us for prices.

Model Details W x L x T
Colour Type No. of holes Weight
TWB-1018-2-N11Y 254x457x50 Yellow 11 2 6.5
TWB-1018-4-N11Y 254x457x100 Yellow 11 2 13
TWB-1030-2-N11Y 254x762x50 Yellow 11 3 9
TWB-1030-4-N11Y  254x762x100 Yellow 11 3 22


Stock clearance offer on this item. Please contact us for prices.

203x457x100 Yellow 11 3 16
TWB-1018-2 254x457x50 Black (Rubber) 2 2 7.5
TWB-1030-2 254x762x50 Black (Rubber) 2 3 13


Model Description Type 
TWB-F4 16mm dia. x 180mm long  Fixing
TWB-F5 16mm dia. x 220mm long  Fixing
TWB-W 2.5" dia. zinc plated washer Washer