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Ramp & Leveller - Sept 2010

This client needed access to containers and lorries with powered pallet trucks. Limited space availability meant that the final solution was a two part fixed ramp with a slot part way along to allow a pre-existing shutter door to close down through the ramp when the site is closed. A Counterbalanced Drawbridge Dock Leveller mounted on the end of the fixed ramp allowed the trucks to access a wide range of vehicles.

The final proposal was anti-slipped to aid traction in wet weather. A small manual hinged bridgeplate was used to bridge the gap between the two ramp sections smoothly and safely.

Fixed Ramp O/A Length: 9,350mm
Usable Width: 2,000mm
Height variation: 1220 - 1450mm
Capacity: 4,000Kg

Rendered image used for quotation purposes.